Nicotine in Vaping Products: Which is the Best?

When you use vaping products, you usually get at least a little bit of nicotine, although the amounts vary depending on the brand. Normally, your vaping cartridge will have one of two types of nicotine in it.

The first is standard nicotine, also called freebase nicotine, and the second is something called nicotine salt. The latter is a newer type of tobacco that tends to be absorbed more easily than the standard type, which is why it is being used in certain e-liquids. While both types of nicotine work well in e-liquids, there are some differences you should know about before you buy anything.

What is Nic Salt E-Liquid?

With nic salt e-liquids, the nicotine is much smoother when you inhale it, so you get a better overall vaping experience. In its natural form, regular nicotine is made up of a chemical composition of salt, and it is not easily absorbed by the body. This freebase nicotine was developed, so that users get the nicotine quickly, and it uses ammonia to increase the pH levels of the nicotine salts.

While it absorbs quickly, it also tends to produce a much harsher sensation on the throat whenever you inhale. By contrast, the salt nic type of nicotine isn’t refined with harsh chemicals. Instead, it uses natural acids which lower the pH levels, resulting in a throat hit that is a lot smoother.

In addition to a smoother throat hit, nic salt nicotine is more easily absorbed by the body, which means the user gets both advantages: a smoother hit when they inhale, and faster absorption into the body. These are the main reasons why this type of nicotine is found so frequently in e-liquids for vaping purposes. The method used to create nicotine salts isn’t nearly as invasive as the one used for freebase nicotine. Some products have as much as 20mg of nicotine in a 10ml bottle, which is a lot.

Go Ahead and Treat Yourself

If you decide to try vaping products with nic salts instead of freebase nicotine, you’ll often find that you vape less, simply because the nicotine you’re inhaling gets into your system much faster. In addition, many users of this type of vaping product claim that the bottle also lasts a lot longer than a regular e-liquid product.

Nicotine salt e-liquid is also very safe, has no negative side effects, and to date there have been no known allergic reactions. For this and many other reasons, you owe it to yourself to try this type of vaping liquid.



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